Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Video Podcast Timeline

· On 1 January 2004 Steve Garfield launches his video blog and declares that 2004 would be the year of the video blog.
· On 1 November 2004 Steve Garfield launches Steve Garfield's VideoPodcast to test distribution of RSS video enclosures with a video blog. RSS Feed iTunes feed
· On October 1, 2005 Terra: The Nature of Our World launched making it the first Natural History video podcast. It is produced in conjunction with the MFA program in Science & Natural History Filmmaking at Montana State University, Filmmakers for Conservation, and PBS.
· On October 14, 2005 Steve Jobs introduced the new "iPod with video" at the Keynote speech of Macworld 2005. The Video podcasts Tiki Bar TV and Rocketboom are mentioned, and Jobs shows a brief clip of Tiki Bar TV to the audience. The image of Kevin Gamble, one of the co-creators of Tiki Bar TV, is featured on Apple's homepage for a month next to U2's Bono.
· On June 8, 2006, the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, launched her video podcast via the Chancellor's website, making her the first head of government to issue a regular video podcast.
· On December 16, 2006, Time magazine named its Person of the Year as "You", referring to independent content creators on the web and video podcasters in particular. Crash Test Kitchen, a video podcast begun in April 2005 by home cooks Waz and Lenny, was featured in the magazine as an example of this phenomenon. The magazine itself was a distinctive issue that featured a flexible mirror on the cover.
· On April 13, 2007, the British panel game Have I Got News for You started to broadcast a vodcast called Have I Got News for You: The Inevitable Internet Spin-off. The first HIGNFY vodcast was presented by Jeremy Clarkson.
· May 10, 2007, Feed Me Bubbe featured in The Wall Street Journal by Jessica E. Vascellaro who wrote an article, discussing "Feed Me Bubbe" that was distributed by The AP Datastream ("Using Youtube for posterity," May 10, 2007)
· Another British panel game, QI, also announced that it would create a vodcast, starting in Series E. However, this was changed into a set of "Quickies", not downloadable and only viewable from the BBC website.
· On November 25, 2007, Neil Fairbrother was featured in the Sunday Observer's Courvoisier Future 500 for creating, a web TV channel that creates and distributes TV shows as video podcasts.