Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tips to make the Teleseminar Experience Good for Everyone

1. Call the phone number you have been given for the teleseminar at the scheduled times. Make sure you clarify what time zone your conference call will be taking place.
2. Call from a regular land line or a headset phone. Please don't use a cell phone, an internet phone, or a speaker phone as these create problems including static and echos.
3. Disable your call waiting feature before calling in. Besides being disruptive, it can cause technical problems for the rest of the callers, if you take the second call while on the bridgeline.
4. Do not put the call on hold if you have music on hold. If you do, the other participants will hear your music until you return.
5. When you call, you may hear others on the line. Callers are greeted as they come on the line. Wait to be greeted before introducing yourself then say your name and where you are from. If I hear an echo come in with you I will ask you to hang up, count to 10 and call back in. This will usually clear the problem.
6. If you are late to your teleseminar, dial in and be silent until you are clear about what is going on in the call or for an instructor to greet you. If you leave the teleseminar early, do not announce you are leaving. Just hang up
7. Mimimize background noise by being in a quiet room. Please use your mute button if you have any noise going on, otherwise please use it sparingly - I like to know I'm not just talking to myself! If you do not have a mute button on your telephone you can mute yourself by hitting *6. When you wish to speak you can unmute yourself by hitting *6 again.

7 more tips tomorrow...


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