Friday, October 1, 2010

Tips to make the Teleseminar Experience Good for Everyone continued…

8. Please refrain from typing or shuffling papers, talking to other people, doing the dishes or going to the toilet as we can hear you! (I have heard all of these happen on conference calls!).
9. Turn off mobiles, fax lines and other phone lines in the room if at all possible, as these will disrupt the call. (Turning off kids, dogs and other people would be great too! )
10. Feel free to ask questions - participation is how we get the greatest learning on the conference call. Whenever you speak please say your name first, then say what you want to say. Please be succinct and keep to the topic. It's great when everyone can be actively involved in the call, so please ensure you allow others space to share.
11. If you get disconnected for any reason, please just dial straight back in.
12. Come prepared to have fun and extend your knowledge!
13. If not a toll free number, It is your expense to phone into the bridge line. This will be the amount your long distance phone carrier charges. (If you don't have an unlimited long distance phone service, it is often cheaper to purchase calling cards which are often available from Post Offices and supermarkets).
14. If you are using a prepaid calling card, make sure you have ample minutes. Any warnings such as "you have one minute left" will most likely be heard by callers, plus you will have to disconnect and reconnect if you run out of time.


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