Thursday, July 15, 2010

Options to look for when considering a Conference Provider for Flat Rate.

· Roll Call-Name Record/Play
· Music Security Feature
· Lecture Mode/Muting capabilities
· Recording and Playback
· Toll Dial-In Number
· Online Access to Your Account is available
· Moderator Controls can be Accessed from the Web
· Security (locks conference so no additional participants can join)
· .mp3 download of recording (additional charges may apply)
· CD Copy of Recording (additional charges apply)
· Allow choice of Continuation of Conference After Moderator Exits
· Change Conference Entry and Exit Options (name announce, tone, or silence)
· Full Time Operator Attended Conference (additional charges apply)
· Listen only mode - all lines are muted except the moderator's, participants cannot un-mute their line
· Operator Attended Polling (additional charges apply)
· Operator Attended Q&A sessions (additional charges apply)
· Quick start mode - allows conference to begin before moderator arrives

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