Saturday, July 24, 2010

Schedule and plan your conference calls.

Be mindful of others' schedules when you decide on the time for your conference call. If other attendees are in different areas, businesses, or time zones, make sure you are not interfering with their plans. Avoid lunch breaks, first thing in the morning calls, and calls that require an attendee to work after normal business hours.

Send out a meeting request.
As soon as you’ve decided on a time, send a meeting request. This meeting request should include everything the attendees and participants will require to log into the call (call in number and password) and an agenda with topics that need to be discussed, including a list of responsibilities. The agenda should cover any questions or concerns you anticipate from other members. Focus on the positive aspects first, then cover challenges and offer solutions or ideas to overcome any obstacles you discuss.

Avoid using a client's or manager's conference bridge since logging in early may interrupt another call or cost your client money.

Any tasks you assign to someone else should be discussed before you send out the agenda. The last thing you want to do is tell a client or manager that someone else will have something, when you didn't ask that person to do the work yet.

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